Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

The White Goddess - Release date and show

As the radiant wheel of the sun is growing and father winter leaves Europa behind, the time has come to descend from the Mountain Du-Ku for the second time. In the name of Enki, Sankt Blasius, Sankt Cäcilia and the Seven Gods who decree, we are glad to announce the release date for our second album, titled „THE WHITE GODDESS – A Grammar of Poetic Myth“

The album will be released on October 8th 2013 in Northern America and on October 4th 2013 in Europa and the rest of the world.

Regarding the amazing job Enrico has done for our first album „The Golden Bough“, it was a no-brainer to keep working together. So we‘re very happy to announce, that once again the album will be released through Cruz del Sur Music.
Furthermore, in order to make the album more easily available for buyers in the USA and Canada, we have decided to sign to 20 Buck Spin Records for the release in Northern America. Dave is an enthusiast for high quality metal off the beaten track and has been working in the past with bands such as Occultation, Pallbearer or Liturgy. We feel in safe hands and so should all fans buying the vinyl and CD version of „The White Goddess“ in the United States and Canada.
And last but not least we are honoured and pleased to announce that the vinyl version for Europe and the rest of the world will be handled by Germany‘s finest, VÁN Records. Since quality is a top priority for us, there was no other choice than Ván Records. Ván is simply doing the best vinyl editions currently available. We‘re quite positive that the vinyl version of „The White Goddess“ will blow your minds. We have something very spectacular up our sleeves.

The official album release party and show will take place on October 5th 2013 in Athens. ATLANTEAN KODEX will perform a full set including of course songs from the new album and all previous releases. We cannot wait to come back to our friends in Greece to celebrate this special event with a titanic spectacle of might. Tsipouro, re mounia!

Ok, in short, here‘s what matters:


Europa & Rest of the World
Cruz del Sur Records: CD
VÁN Records: Vinyl

USA & Canada
20 Buck Spin Records: CD & Vinyl


5th of October 2013, Athens, more info tba


1. Trumpets of Doggerland (There were Giants in the Earth in those Days)
2. Sol Invictus (With Faith and Fire)
3. Bilwis (Sorcery and Witchcraft in Eastern Bavaria)
4. Heresiarch (Thousandfaced Moon) 
5. Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown (An Anthem for Europa) 
6. Kodex Battalions (The Iron Horde) 
7. Virgin : Mother : Crone (Media Vita in Morte sumus) 
8. Der Untergang der Stadt Passau (Flaming Sword of the Watchers)
9. Enthroned in Clouds and Fire (The Great Cleansing)
10. White Goddess unveiled (Crown of the Sephiroth)