Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Atlantean Kodex confirmed for Keep it True 2014

Conjured by the Fires of Girra 
and the veils of Sunken Varloorni, 

and by the Lights of SHAMMASH. 
We have been called again, before you, at Keep it True, in visible shadow 
In beholdable form, to this sacred circle, this Holy Communion of steel
May he of the name unspeakable, the number unknowable, 
whom no man hath seen at any time, 
whom no geometer measureth 
whom no wizard hath ever called 
grant his blessings for this spectacle of might.

Rise up, by ANU we summon thee! 

Rise up, by ENLIL we summon thee! 
Rise up, by ENKI we summon thee! 
Cease to be the Sleeper of EGURRA. 
Cease to lie unwaking beneath the mountains of KUR. 
Rise up, from the pits of ancient holocausts! 
Rise up, from the old abyss of NARR MARRATU! 
Come, by ANU! 
Come, by ENLIL! 
Come, by ENKI!
Come, to KEEP IT TRUE 2014!