Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

The White Goddess - Pre-order now!

The CDs have finally arrived from the pressing plant. The 24-page booklet with the hand-painted artwork looks absolutely stunning. You can now order your copy directly from Cruz del Sur:

Vinyls will be ready by the end of next week. We'll let you know as soon as we have received them.

Here's what the press says about "The White Goddess":

ROCK HARD (D): 10/10 – Album of the Month
"You haven't heard a better metal album in the past ten, probably 20 years." (D): 10/10 
"Epic Metal won't get better than this." (D): 15/15
"'The White Goddess' is only sheer perfection. It is simply THE point of reference when it come to Epic Metal. Anything but the top grade would be a sacrilege."

"The White Goddess is simply a total work of art. An album, you've been subconsciously waiting for as a metal fan for years. The iron aura of early Manowar meets the grandeur of Bathory and the unique elegy of While Heaven Wept. The result is a piece of music, which will stand unrivaled for a long time to come."

"For depth of composition, feeling, and meaning; for integrity and a devotion to real metal above all things, Atlantean Kodex stands completely alone." (A): 5/5
"Who the fuck are Manowar?!"

"In 2013 Atlantean Kodex are the quintessence of traditional metal, they're more perfect in everything. Burn your collections of impure CDs in their honour. If you keep only one CD, it will be this one. Amen." 

"The Kodex are seriously taking a high -if not the highest- slot on the Epic Metal pantheon of today. Quorthon would be happy, he would smile from sky high listening to his sons."